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Yes our name has Embroidery in it but we do offer wholesale screen printing as well. Please read below for more info.


TradeOnly Emb operates its daily grind with a 2 shift production staff, during busy seasons we usually add a 3rd shift to accomodate the orders and keep production time at a minimal. 

We operate out of a 14,000 sq ft facility that we moved into in 2017. Like many others we started small and worked our way up. From a garage and a very old 4 head melco we than purchased a Barudan 6 head, things escalated quickly and we now have over 40 heads of embroidery. We are not the biggest, but we are in our minds, the BEST! Our customer service is A+, our quality is A+, our production times are A+. See why and give us a shot. Were still growing of course and learn everday from our mistakes, it only makes us better. All our staff drives to succeed and make themselves and us as a company better than anyone. We appreciate all the work form our amazing partners!

-Screen Printing-

Same as the above mumbo jumbo – we operate with 2 fully automatic presses, and some manuals that are just dust collectors. We strive to produce low cost/ affordable screen printing withour sacrificing quality. We limit us to producing prints of 8 colors or less for cost saving reasons. Our printing is held at a high standard and we strive to do what we love to do, decorate t-shirts through a stencil!

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